Mona and Layla

On the 30th of October, my nana passed away.

This isn't a self pitying, morbid post where I tell everyone about the pain it's caused me and how much I miss her. My nana died at 85 after having two heart attacks, breast cancer and at least one stroke. On top of that, she was diabetic, deaf and had alzhemiers. She needed a break.
So the picture... After I found out, I didn't cry, because it didn't get to me. Losing a parent before grandparents you rarely see puts it into perspective. I wasn't close to my nana, because she lived over 2 and half hours away trips were infrequent and unenjoyable. After Grandad passed away she was - understandably - always very sad. Trips ended in tears of sadness to see us leave.
It made me think. Aside from making cheese and vinegar sandwiches at their house, I had no real memories of my nana; just my nana.
What I drew wasn't a memory. It was something my dad told me a while ago, though he wasn't there; the three people involved have either passed on or are too young to remember. I was a terrible baby who never slept, and screamed all night. One the first nights I stayed over with my nane and grandad, my mum was trying to get me to sleep, but failing. She picked me up, and woke my nana, and said to her "Mona, I can't get my baby to sleep."
Since getting married, the poigniency of my mother going to her own mother-in-law to ask for help strikes a chord. My nana then helped my mum to get me to drift off. I like to think she managed.
So that's the image above. I feel there should be something around the figures, but night skies filled with stars are twee and cheesy. I'll think, though cheese and vinegar sandwichs is one possibility.

Layla is just a rough character I designed for the sake of using a pencil. Named Layla after my favourite cat at the cattery I volunteer at whenever I'm not at work.

Brief character history; Layla - obviously - is part cat, part human. Her parents were both human, her mother working as a vet. While pregnant, she was bitten by a cat infected with cat flu, which mutated the embryo. Scientifically impossible, but so is 98% of what we read and what we watch.

Contrary to stand mutants, didn't throw her out or lock her away. They loved her dearly, though didn't make her suffer the torments of public school and the outside world. Layla's mother homeschooled her daughter while working at the vet surgery, where Layla was soon able to work as her assistant. Also contrary to popular belief, she cannot understand cat language, and doesn't have any special powers over them.

Layla's father worked at sea, and during Layla's late teens his boat was taken by a major pirate gang. Desperate to find him, Layla joined the rival pirate gang, affectionately becoming known as "The Ship's Cat." Once again, popular belief is smashed into the ground as Layla isn't outcasted and given a wide berth by her ship mates. She is popular with all the sailors and crew, hard working and strong in the day and able to drink most of the cabin crew under the table by night.


Hull Animal Welfare Trust Curry Night

To get my husband and I out of the house for the last few weeks, we've been working at Hull Animal Welfare Trust, helping out at the cattery there.
Once the cattery manager got wind that I was an artist, she asked me to design a poster for their upcoming Curry and Quiz night. So I came up with this; drawn by hand, coloured on computer using Photoshop. They loved it, and I must say it's a far cry from the Times New Roman printed sheet of paper they had up before this.


Eli's Waving Children

My sister in law, Eli, asked me to draw a line of children waving and smiling for a church postcard. The theme was basically along the lines of "smile and the world smiles back." The children's arms are semaphore for "Give us a Smile!"


Denver Penny

Close to completion, A Day in the Life of Denver Penny will probably hit shelves later this year/early next. The images were produced in crayon and charcoal. These images are unedited and fresh off the drawing board:

Little Denver Penny eager to tuck into his favourite breakfast, Grandpa's omlette!

Denver is told about the upsetting mills, which give coins the raised edge.

Denver imagines his grandpa as a young penny, being packed into a roll by his parents,
ready to ship to the bank.

Grandpa Wheatley describes a school trip to Detroit Zoo, his destination as a youngster.

This wasn't a requested piece, but I thought a nice end to the book after the final page for the inside back cover. The piece is a bit special to me, as the two characters are based on my husband and me.



In September 2008 I agreed to work for free for charity Parental Alienation Awareness Organisation. Work is still ongoing, with cartoon strips to feature soon. The character has been made into a stuffed toy and the website features digital posters of PANDA.

The final stuffed toy.

The original, initial design for PANDA.

PANDA turn around

Poster with caption: With so many people hateful and indifferent to your child in the world, why would you take away the one person that truly loves them? Both posters were handdrawn, finished in felt tip and editted and touched up on Paint Shop Pro.

Another poster, captioned: No child should be called a traitor for loving a parent.

Showreel Link

I'm currently searching for my showreel to put on the blog properly, but for now:


I recently married, so my name has changed. My contact details are still the same, however I plan on correcting this soon.

Nain Rouge

My most recent publication, Nain Rouge, was released just a couple of weeks ago. Also by Josef Bastian (who has hired me for three projects thus far) the book has recieved good feedback so far. The website Blame the Nain currently has a free online copy of the book, and hard copies are available on Amazon (though at present the UK Amazon does not have them in stock.) Blame the Nain also has some of my pre production work. All images were produced in charcoal.

The evil Nain Rouge causes havoc in the museum.

The Thinker Statue, posessed by the Nain Rouge, comes to life to threaten Elly and Tom.

Prepared to talk, the Nain Rouge creates seats for Elly and Tom
with the books from the shop.

Tricked and defeated, Elly and Tom mock the Red Dwarf before he perishes.

With peace at last, Elly and Tom sit and decide that the good things
will last as long as they want them to.